Olde Billfold: 1.43 oz Dyneema DCF - Cuben Fiber Wallet

$ 29.00

"This wallet, with all of my cards and cash in it, is lighter than my old wallet empty. This thing is mindbogglingly light and thin."  ~ Mike F.

Sometimes every gram counts. If you are a hiker, or avid sailor, you know the importance of cutting weight. This 9 gram wallet has your lightweight needs covered, and still offers the ample space of your everyday billfold.

A small pleat at the base of the spine allows ample space for your stack of spending money. It features six card slots with two slots underneath.

This Billfold is constructed from 1.43 oz Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) also known as Cuben fiber. This is a non stretch and waterproof fabric commonly used in sailmaking and outdoor gear applications.


  • Billfold sided to hold most standard size bills (82mm)
  • Six card slots, each multiple cards
  • Two compartments underneath, one at either side
  • Reinforced layered spines
  • Unlike most of our items, this is not a recycled product


  • size: 4.5" x 3.5"
  • weight: 0.3 ounce (9 grams)

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