Half-Fold Minimalist Wallet: Dyneema Hybrid Fabric

$ 16.00

This minimalist wallet is designed for those who like to carry cash. It features three card slots, each hold multiples of credit or business cards. The Fourth deeper back slot is intended to fit Half Folded bills.

The integral elastic wrap adds security and functionality. The wallet is also able to be wrapped inverted leaving the cards and cash slots on the outside. However you choose to use it, the Half-Fold wallet holds all your essential cards plus extras, and keeps it all safe and secure. Or, select the 'without elastic wrap' option at checkout.

Currency measuring 72 millimeters in Height and shorter will fit half folded into this wallet. This includes the Euro 20, and all US banknotes. If your currency is taller, a custom version can be made upon request.

  •  1 slot for half folded bills
  •  3 credit or business card slots
  •  Dyneema Poly Hybrid Fabric
  •  Secure elastic closure
  •  Handmade in Maryland
  •  Ultralight !!

Wallet Dimensions:
  • 93 x 77 cm - folded
  • 8 grams (0.3 ounces)

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