Minimalist Hojo Wallet: Cuben Fiber / Kevlar

$ 10.00

The Hojo wallet has two horizontally oriented card pockets on the front side. In sailmaking, the horizontal joining seams are commonly refereed to as Hojos, hence the name. This minimalist wallet also has a larger pocket for folded bills, or more cards.

The two fabric options, Cuben Fiber and Kevlar, are both repurposed sailcloths that are of a stiffer construction, giving the wallet some rigidity. Both of these fabrics were used in the 1995 America's Cup sail production. This fabric was never actually a sail, rather leftover fabric, donated more recently by a retired sail designer who still had a couple end rolls on the shelf.

  • two card slots, each hold 1-4 cards
  • one larger cash pocket (67 mm depth)


  • 4 x 2.75 inches (102 x 70 mm)
  • 0.2 ounces (7 grams)

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