Paw Paw Seed Bracelet

$ 5.00

Paw Paw trees, native to the eastern United States, grow in groves along river banks and produce a tropical fruit every autumn. The custard like fruit tastes of Mango and Banana and provides a bounty of seeds to pick through. Though a historical favorite of American Colonials, it is now a little known fruit because it ripens for only a couple weeks a year, then quickly turns bad. If you should find a wild grove in late September, I recommend sorting through the seeds and freezing the Paw Paw flesh. It is great for smoothies, custards, breads, and many different types of deserts. Anyhow, lets talk about this bracelet. 

This Bracelet consists of turquoise wooden beads and Paw Paw seeds collected from the banks of the Potomac river in Western Maryland. It is strung onto black elastic band that stretches when taken on and off. The bracelet is lightweight and comfortable; it is available in adult and child sizes. Celebrate your love of Paw Paws with this rare and local bracelet.

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