Olde Billfold: Recycled Tarp Cloth Wallet

$ 28.00

Olde Billfold design wallet constructed from polyethylene tarp cloth retrieved from the wilderness of Green Ridge State Forest in Western Maryland. Working around a couple quarter sized burn holes and a long tear, the material itself was in great condition! The tarp is colored brown on one side and green on the other side, which is incorporated into the available color schemes.

Originally I just wanted to remove this trash from the beautiful setting in which it was found, next to a spot in the creek, deep and clear, with natural spring water trickling down the rock face on the opposing bank; it was a wonderful little swimming hole and pebble beach with stone fire ring for primitive camping. pack it in, pack it out, leave no trace.


  • Green Back: Green backing with brown interior card slots
  • Brown Back: Brown backing with Green interior card slots
  • Solid Green: has traces of Brown peaking through in certain spots
  • Solid Brown: has traces of Green peaking through in certain spots



  • Six card slots, each can hold multiple cards
  • Two card slots underneath for extra business cards
  • Double reinforced and tape glued spines
  • Pleated spine for added space in your cash pocket
  • Handmade from 95% recycled materials


  • 4.5 x 3.25 inches
  • 0.6 ounces (17g)

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